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People with mental health disorders struggle with being present in the moment. For example, people who struggle with depression are often fixated on the past, while people diagnosed with anxiety often worry about the future. Through the meditative and therapeutic process of art therapy, individuals are encouraged to practice mindfulness and address topics that are difficult to address in words through a creative process of art.

Holistic Approach

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a unique form of mental health treatment that encourages individuals, families, and communities to express themselves creatively by making art. The process allows those who have been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness the opportunity for active expression of their emotions and feelings in a therapeutic setting. 

When performed by an expert in the field, Art therapy can be used to improve one’s personal well-being and help achieve treatment goals. It helps foster self-esteem while also promoting insight into their emotions, which would lead to discussions helpful for resolving trauma more easily.

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Art Therapy

How Does Art Therapy Work?

Art therapy can be an effective way to express feelings and heal from trauma. The right therapist will take into account what kind of client you are, as well as your age or ability level when determining how they approach art-making with their patient in mind.

Art psychotherapists often use various methods like drawing, sculpting, painting, etc., depending on the individual’s treatment plan and what symptoms they are trying to treat. The session focuses on using art as a channel for concentrating on the patient’s inner thoughts and emotions.

What to Expect from Art Therapy at the
Mental Health Center of San Diego

When residents participate in therapy sessions at the Mental Health Center of San Diego, an experienced art therapist creates a safe environment to express themselves. You may use the creative outlet of your choice, whether familiar ones such as paint, marker, collage, or try something new. In our sessions, clients focus on practicing mindfulness and learning to become present in the moment through art.

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