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A Different Kind Of Mental Health Treatment

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Our Solution to Mental Health Treatment

Over 90% of the Mental Health Facilities, that we toured, group patients of all different diagnoses together in group sessions.

People diagnosed with ADHD, Real Event OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation were all lumped in with one another. This caused huge hurdles for each patient in these groups. These patients often didn’t feel comfortable talking about their diagnosis with other people that didn’t understand it. And the therapist often couldn’t properly treat the group.

At The Mental Health Center of San Diego, we have individualized treatment tracks with specific curriculums to match each patient’s diagnosis, and that are as unique as our patients.

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The Facts

These are tough times. Your loved one has a self-destruction pattern, and needs help. We’re here to help. We treat the primary mental health issues that are the underlying causes of high-risk behavior. We treat ages 12–24, struggling with teenage depression, teen anxiety, and trauma-related issues, along with co-occurring eating disorders and teenage substance abuse. Through our clinical expertise and integrated care, we empower teens and restore families.

Everything You Need to Know

Mental Health Center of San Diego is the perfect place for teens who are struggling with their mental health. Our clinic’s mission is to help them heal and find their purpose in life. We utilize a variety of treatment modalities to teach them the coping skills they need to find stability and discover their self-awareness. With our help, your teen can look forward to a successful future.

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