Support Groups for Women

Separate yourself from the stress and triggers of your everyday routine in a safe and supportive environment with San Diego’s most comprehensive residential treatment program at the Mental Health Center of San Diego. 

Women’s life experiences can vary significantly from men’s, especially when dealing with mental health-related issues. Women more commonly face unique struggles such as caregiver challenges, body image issues, sexual harassment or abuse, eating disorders, and other issues that they would feel more comfortable discussing with other women.

The Mental Health Center of San Diego has created gender-specific support groups for women that serves as a safe space where they can confidently share their personal matters with peers who are more easily able to relate. 

Support Groups

What are Support Groups for Women?

A support group for women gathers women dealing with similar issues who come together to share their experiences and lift each other through discussion and encouragement.

It could be dealing with a specific medical condition, such as cancer or dementia, a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, grief, or addiction, or providing care for a family member or friend dealing with a medical or mental health condition. These open forum discussions with empathetic peers have proven to be beneficial and promote positive mental health

Support Groups For Women

What to Expect from Support Groups for Women at the Mental Health Center of San Diego

Women can find support for several gender-specific topics they face related to mental health and life.

Topics Addressed in Support Groups for Women

No two meetings are ever the same; women at MHC San Diego’s support groups will talk about whatever is on their minds at the time. It’s common for a group session to cover a wide range of gender-specific topics, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Communication in relationships
  • Career & purpose
  • Mental health
  • Work-life balance
  • Parenting
  • Health challenges
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Personal finances
  • Abusive and toxic relationships
  • Sexism
  • Dating
  • Mental health struggles
  • Professionals Are Standing By

    Benefits of Women’s Support Groups

    Women can share their feelings and experiences with other women in a safe environment where they will not be judged or criticized. It can also assist them in the following ways:

    Learning More Effective Coping Mechanisms

    Women's support groups are a great place to learn coping skills from people who have experienced success with them first-hand. They might pick up helpful hints on meditating, journaling, or other topics you wouldn't have considered otherwise. They might also learn new approaches to setting healthy boundaries and functioning more effectively.

    Growing Together as a Result of Shared Experiences

    When women participate in a support group, they have the opportunity to express themselves. Letting others in on their life experiences can help alleviate an emotional burden and feelings of isolation. Learning how others in the group have dealt with similar situations and hearing their stories can provide valuable insight

    Placing Emphasis on Self-care

    Participants in Women's Support Groups may develop positive ideas for taking care of themselves, managing stress, getting proper rest, and prioritizing their mental and physical health.

    Developing a Support System of Peers

    Being with other women in a support group can help improve social skills and meet other empathetic women who may be able to help each other with overcoming any obstacles they face. Advice, resources, or even just a listening ear are all helpful tools that you gain when you begin to develop a network of support.