Yoga Therapy

For many years, yoga has been associated with the physical benefits of increased strength and flexibility, but more recently, medical practitioners have realized just how helpful this practice can be for mental health too!

The stress relief, release of endorphins, and practice of mindfulness are beneficial for people looking to improve their mental health. Many mental disorders come with symptoms that create stress that only makes the disorder worse. Yoga is part of a holistic treatment plan as a healthy way to cope with negative symptoms and feelings that come with many disorders.

Holistic Approach

What is Yoga?

Yoga therapy is an ancient practice that has evolved to be a versatile and effective tool in modern society. Yoga provides mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits for people of all ages through poses, breathing exercises, postures, guided imagery, and breathing exercises. Your instructor will help you find poses that are both physically challenging but also easy on your body so it doesn’t seem too intense.

While you practice improving your movements, your thought process often leads to insightful discussions about life’s challenges and opportunities. Many times new issues to discuss in counseling will surface as you go through your movements.

Yoga therapy

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Yoga Therapy

What to Expect from Yoga Therapy at the Mental Health Center of San Diego

Yoga alone isn’t treatment, but it acts as an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to improve their mental or physical health. The practice is often compared to rehabilitative therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and even a spiritual practice.

This discipline isn’t just for people struggling with mental health. In general, it provides numerous physical benefits to anyone who practices! For example, yoga increases muscle mass, improves balance, and boosts blood flow which promotes healing throughout your body.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Mood
  • Corrected Posture
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Increased Self Esteem
  • Boosted Immune System

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