What is the Difference Between Serotonin and Dopamine?

Serotonin and Dopamine

Serotonin and dopamine are both neurotransmitters. They are similar brain chemicals, often called happy hormones, but they have differences as well. So what is the difference between serotonin and dopamine? Below we’ll talk more about what each does separately and also how they’re similar. What Is Serotonin? Serotonin is a hormone. The hormone plays a […]

Can Zoloft Change Your Personality?

Can Zoloft Change Your Personality

Zoloft is the brand name of a prescription antidepressant. The generic name is sertraline. People wonder can Zoloft change your personality, and the answer is a little complex. Overall, an antidepressant-like Zoloft won’t change your personality, but there can be side effects to be aware of, which we discuss below. What is Zoloft? Zoloft is […]

How Do Schizophrenia Treatment Centers Work?

Schizophrenia Treatment Centers

Schizophrenic treatment centers are one approach to treating this mental health disorder. A schizophrenic treatment center typically includes either residential or day treatment. These treatment centers may also offer treatment programs for complex diagnoses, which include mental disorders like bipolar disorder and depression, and substance abuse. Typically, a residential or day treatment program is reserved […]

Can Mental Illness be Cured?

Can Mental Illness be Cured

Can mental illness be cured? This is a common question we hear all the time, and it’s a complicated answer. The complex aspect is because there are treatments for mental illness, but not necessarily cures. The good news is that while we don’t medically say mental health conditions are cured when treated, and your symptoms […]

Is It Right to Prescribe Antidepressants for Teens?

Antidepressants for Teens

According to Mental Health America, depression and other psychiatric disorders in youth are real and growing problems. Many of the troubling trends in teen mental health, including depression in childhood, are accelerated by the pandemic and its ripple effects.  Being a teen is already a difficult time. Young people go through significant changes, physically, emotionally, […]

Are Mood Stabilizers Used for Anxiety?

Are Mood Stabilizers Used for Anxiety

Whether or not mood stabilizers are for anxiety is a common question, but it can be complex. Medications for anxiety disorders alone don’t often include mood stabilizers. When there’s a co-occurring mental illness along with anxiety, the treatment protocol can include mood stabilizers. But, are mood stabilizers used for anxiety? What is Anxiety? And Are […]

Free 3-Minute Anxiety Test: Get Instant Answers and Advice

Anxiety Test

Anxiety Test Generalized Anxiety Disorder Anxiety is a normal sensation each of us experiences at some point, it can serve as a useful tool for keeping us safe. However many people experience anxiety at unusually high levels, or at inappropriate times, and this can hinder a person from living a normal lifestyle. Below are a […]

7 Jobs For People with Social Anxiety

Jobs For People with Social Anxiety

Do you struggle with social anxiety? You are not alone… Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common diagnoses given; understanding this fact is an idea that should help everybody who struggles realize many of us are fighting the same battle. While talking to a mental health professional, like the specialists at the Mental […]