Understanding and Managing Anger Post-Trauma

Managing Anger Post-Trauma

Anger in the aftermath of trauma is a labyrinth of emotions, often misunderstood and mishandled. The experience of trauma, whether it stems from personal loss, violence, or the horrors of war, leaves a deep imprint on the psyche, manifesting as anger—a natural, yet complex response. This post aims to explore the multifaceted nature of anger […]

What is PTSD?

What is PTSD? Generally, PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, series of events, or set of circumstances. This can be emotionally or physically harmful or life-threatening to an individual, and it can have an impact on their mental, physical, social, and/or spiritual well-being. […]

Why We Can’t Remember Our Early Childhood Memories

Early Childhood Memories

Long, lazy summer days, playing with friends, fighting with siblings, and baking cookies after school are just a few of the childhood memories that may linger in your mind. Depending on their age, some people have a lot of memories from their childhood, whereas others can only recall a few of them when they are […]

How to Recover From Emotional Trauma

How to Recover From Emotional Trauma

Recalling memories can bring up certain emotions. Some of these emotions are positive, such as happiness, love, and satisfaction. However, some memories may trigger negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, or shame.  Whenever someone goes through a traumatic experience, it’s difficult to get over the emotional pain caused by the memory of that event. It […]

How Does Trauma Therapy Work?

Trauma Therapy

“How does trauma therapy work?” is a common question for people who want to heal from traumatic experiences they’ve had. To feel safe in your life, you ultimately have to recover from past trauma, but the impact can be profound.  Forms of therapy for traumatic experiences delve into all of the effects so that someone […]

What is Rape Trauma Syndrome?

Rape Trauma Syndrome

Sexual violence, including rape, has long-lasting emotional, psychological, and physical effects on survivors. One of these effects is rape trauma syndrome, sometimes called sexual assault trauma syndrome.  Other common mental health disorders after being a victim of sexual violence include depression, anxiety, self-harm, and substance abuse. While being a victim is traumatizing, help is available, […]

5 Myths About Trauma We Need to Unlearn

Myths About Trauma

Trauma is an emotional response that we may have to a terrible and potentially life-threatening event. Trauma can profoundly affect your life in nearly every way, and you may find it difficult to move past it. Despite the far-reaching consequences of these experiences, too often, myths about trauma can prevent you from reaching out to […]

What Does a Trauma Bond with a Narcissist Look Like?

What does a trauma bond with a narcissist look like?

A trauma bond is a response you may have to abuse or being in an abusive relationship. These bonds refer to a situation when you have an unhealthy attachment or relationship with your abuser as an abused person. People often wonder, What does a trauma bond with a narcissist look like? Below we’ll explore more […]

Signs of Repressed Childhood Trauma in Adults

Signs of Repressed Childhood Trauma in Adults

Nobody has had a perfect life. There are often incidents that aren’t in our control, and they can affect us. Traumatic events can be terrifying, dangerous, or violent; these incidents can cause us to have emotional and physical reactions long after the traumatic event itself. Signs of repressed childhood trauma in adults manifest in several […]

What Are the 3 Types of Trauma?

Types of Trauma

Studies show that 60-75% of people in North America will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Physical trauma is an injury caused by an external force. Likewise, invisible psychological trauma is a mental injury caused by an external agent.  Trauma is the emotional response to a stressful or disturbing event. These […]

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