The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Mental Health

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Mental Health

Mindfulness Meditation: A Powerful Tool for Mental Health In today’s fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and depression have become common issues affecting millions worldwide. While there are several ways to deal with mental health issues, mindfulness meditation has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to improve mental health and overall well-being. Mindfulness meditation involves: […]

What is Alcohol Induced Anxiety?

Alcohol Induced Anxiety

Anxiety and panic episodes can result from excessive drinking. Occasionally, anxiety can be so severe that self-medication with alcohol is the only option many people consider. One can lead directly to the other if one simultaneously suffers from alcoholism and anxiety. Although the two have a complicated relationship, there are explanations for it. Anxiety and […]

Relaxing Yoga Poses for Mental Health

Relaxing Yoga Poses

We all deal with stress daily. We all experience stress for different reasons and have different coping strategies. Stress can lead to many mental issues, such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and more. It is up to us to maintain our mental wellness in the best ways possible, and usually that means to talk to a […]

Lexapro vs. Zoloft For Anxiety

Lexapro vs. Zoloft For Anxiety

When you struggle with anxiety, there are medications available. Many of these medications work similarly, for example, Lexapro vs. Zoloft for anxiety. Even though there are similarities, it can still take experimentation with the type of medication and the dose to find what’s right for you because everyone’s unique. Getting treatment is critical. Untreated anxiety […]

Social Anxiety Group Therapy in San Diego, CA

Social Anxiety Group Therapy

Social anxiety disorder is a fairly common type of anxiety. We sometimes call it a social phobia, and the key symptom is a sense of extreme fear in various social situations.  If someone has social anxiety, they may have trouble attending social gatherings or meeting new people. The fears that accompany this mental health condition […]

Guide to Anxiety Treatment without Medication

Anxiety Treatment Without Medication

Sometimes the most important goal in life can be to find the best way to manage anxiety without medication. It may be the stressors of life that become unmanageable or the minor disturbances that come up inconveniently. Just as we all have universal needs for food, shelter, movement, and fresh air, emotional health and well-being […]

How Social Anxiety Affects Relationships

How Social Anxiety Affects Relationships

Social anxiety is often described as an extreme fear of communicating and interacting with others. Those who suffer from this anxiety disorder generally experience great difficulty building genuine connections with those around them. This article will discuss what anxiety looks like, how social anxiety affects relationships, and when anxiety becomes a problem in relationships. Social […]

Do Crystals for Anxiety Really Help?

Crystals for Anxiety

So many people wonder, do crystals for anxiety help the situation? Can healing crystals alleviate some of your symptoms?  The idea of crystal therapy isn’t new. We know from archeological findings that amber was used for protection as far back as 10,000 years ago. In Egypt, many stones were used for rituals and medicinal purposes […]

Is It Right to Prescribe Antidepressants for Teens?

Antidepressants for Teens

According to Mental Health America, depression and other psychiatric disorders in youth are real and growing problems. Many of the troubling trends in teen mental health, including depression in childhood, are accelerated by the pandemic and its ripple effects.  Being a teen is already a difficult time. Young people go through significant changes, physically, emotionally, […]

Are Mood Stabilizers Used for Anxiety?

Are Mood Stabilizers Used for Anxiety

Whether or not mood stabilizers are for anxiety is a common question, but it can be complex. Medications for anxiety disorders alone don’t often include mood stabilizers. When there’s a co-occurring mental illness along with anxiety, the treatment protocol can include mood stabilizers. But, are mood stabilizers used for anxiety? What is Anxiety? And Are […]