Are Mental Health Problems Increasing?

Are Mental Health Problems Increasing?

Are mental health problems increasing? The answer does seem to be yes, especially among adolescents and young adults. According to a study from the American Psychological Association, rates of mood disorders and events that relate to suicide have gone up significantly in the past decade within these younger age groups. Having a mental condition does […]

Intrusive Thoughts & How to Clear Your Mind

Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are something that we can all deal with from time to time. You might get something stuck in your head, and it could be distressing to you, but you can’t seem to get rid of it. You could have disturbing or violent thinking, sexual thinking that you repeatedly have, or it could be […]

Mental Health in the Workplace: What to Know

Mental Health in the Workplace

Struggling with mental health in the workplace is common, as it can often come with feelings of anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed. Treating mental health is just important as treating physical health, and it should be prioritized in the workplace for the overall well-being of employees.  If you are an employee or employer looking for […]