The Nexus of Social Media and Technology

Social Media and Technology

In an era dominated by technological advancements, the intersection of mental health and digital platforms has become an increasingly pressing concern. As we delve into the 21st century, our lives are intrinsically linked with social media and technology, raising profound questions about their impact on mental well-being. This blog post will explore the intricate relationship […]

Is It Right to Prescribe Antidepressants for Teens?

Antidepressants for Teens

According to Mental Health America, depression and other psychiatric disorders in youth are real and growing problems. Many of the troubling trends in teen mental health, including depression in childhood, are accelerated by the pandemic and its ripple effects.  Being a teen is already a difficult time. Young people go through significant changes, physically, emotionally, […]

How to Help a Friend with Depression

How to Help a Friend with Depression

Depression can be devastating for the person experiencing it day today. If you have a friend or loved one dealing with it, it can also significantly impact you. You may find yourself wondering how to help a friend with depression. There are actions you can take as far as how to help a friend with […]

Depression Quotes for When You’re Feeling Low

Depression Quotes

Finding depression quotes when you lack motivation can be an excellent way to put yourself on a better path. Depression is so insidious and it compounds all your thoughts leaving you feeling like you’re alone in this world, but these quotes can help you realize that depression is more common than you think, which can […]

How to Practice Self Care When You’re Depressed

How to Practice Self Care when You're Depressed

Learning how to practice self care when you’re depressed can be an essential way to manage your symptoms. Self-care on its own isn’t a treatment for depression. For that, you should have a mental health care provider who creates a treatment plan for you, often including a combination of medication and therapy. Instead, it is […]

Pornography and Depression: Is There a Link?

Pornography and depression

Pornography is incredibly available and pervasive in our modern, tech-driven society. But, we increasingly see that porn addiction may have harmful effects, including depressive symptoms. For example, researchers are discovering the link between pornography and depression, as well as other adverse consequences. Below are some specific things to know about the association between pornography and […]

Diet for Depression: How Eating Healthy can Improve Mental Health

Diet for Depression

At some point, life gets complicated for all of us, but not everyone bounces back to their same old self when the hard times pass.  If the hard times are going on too long, you may be battling depression. Invisible illnesses are often hard to treat, but there are many different approaches. A new diet […]

What is Atypical Depression?

Atypical Depression

Sometimes, life’s overwhelming tasks and responsibilities can run us into a funk. We may feel fatigued and find ourselves sleeping more than usual. We may feel hungrier than usual and irritable at small inconveniences. But, if you’re experiencing these symptoms all the time, you may have atypical depression. And it’s time to consult a medical […]

What Are the Common Types of Depression?

Types of Depression

Everyone feels grief from time to time. As humans, sadness is an unavoidable emotion. But sometimes, those periods of unhappiness can last for weeks and lead to other problems. When this happens, it’s no longer just considered sadness. Instead, it is depression. Depression sounds scary, and truthfully, it can be. It’s a dark monster that […]

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